Hello, we’re Nautoguide

We love maps. And we understand data. We’re also pretty good at combining the two and producing innovative and engaging location-based products. We spend a lot of time creating helpful, flexible user interfaces that complement the rich, cloud-based services we design and deliver for our customers.

We’ve found clever ways to integrate data, interaction and location. We’ve helped users trace their family history, give feedback on cycle lanes, navigate historical walks, keep their streets clean, understand property performance and position important address information.

Recently, we launched Geovey - our own product that allows anyone (anywhere) to use the technology normally reserved for expensive, commissioned projects.

We haven’t always been about maps. Our company grew from the fast-moving industry of ID and data verification. So, we’re no strangers to large scale delivery, secure transactions and the kind of fast development that our customers know us for.

We enjoy what we do and sometimes it’s hard to know where our working lives end and our personal interests begin. If we’re not coding or designing then we’re gaming, reading or watching things that end up inspiring our work.

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  • Housemark

    "HouseMark is the leading provider of social housing data and insight.

    They're one of the largest membership organisations in the UK housing sector, passionate about housing, with an aim to drive improvement by giving members the tools and support they need to respond to change."

  • Cadcorp

    "Cadcorp is a software development company focused on geographic information system (GIS) and web mapping. Cadcorp SIS® is an integrated family of geospatial products comprising desktop, web and developer tools. Cadcorp products incorporate open and standards-based technologies, making it easier for organisations to examine, share and distribute spatial data."

  • Ordnance Survey

    "A digital business, whose highly accurate maps help governments, companies and individuals to be more effective, both in Britain and overseas"

  • Edge Analytics

    "Edge Analytics has applied its models and expertise to a wide range of population, policy and planning issues, for clients in both the public and private sector."

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  • Too many great ideas never happened because people didn't know where to begin. Well, contacting us is the first step in making sure yours does. We're very friendly and we're happy to help you in any way we can. Send us an email or drop in to our Slack and we can start by saying "hello".

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