Geovey Talking Points

A simple way to find the information you need

Crowdsource data, opinion and ideas

With Talking Points, we’ve simplified survey questionnaires in to fundamental, practical points of interaction with your users. Quickly ask a question, start a discussion or request suggestions and without fuss or complication, you get the information you need.

We designed Talking Points to be incredibly easy to create and just as easy for users to understand and respond to. We’ve designed the interface with handheld devices in mind, so users are only 2 steps away from telling you want they think.

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Setup in minutes - for free

You’re just four steps away from publishing your first Talking Point. Don’t believe us? login and and try for yourself now. We’ve removed all the complexity from asking questions upon the map and furthermore we’ve gone and made it free for individual users. Geovey guides you through the process of creating your Talking Point and our team are here to help should you stumble at any step (you won’t).

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Eye catching maps blended with social networks

Maps plus social networks means clicks. Talking Points draw in an audience using their locality as a point of interest and quickly presents your idea or survey. Geography and proximity are visually engaging and our map allows them to put these comments in location context.

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Map based sticky notes

Everyone should be able to canvas opinion or gather data easily. Talking Points are your “map based sticky notes” and all you need to access them is an email address. There’s no software to install, no convoluted registration process to complete and they work from most modern devices.

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