Geovey Projects

Utilise our framework and skills to build the interactive mapping experience you really want

With Geovey Projects we create something truly dedicated and tailored for you. Geovey Projects can accommodate your needs whatever your project description, allowing you to customise all aspects of the framework. Whether it’s targeting specific audiences, creating bespoke interactions or integrating with an existing application or service; Geovey Projects sets you free to use our framework and design exactly what you want to meet your specific requirements.

  • Create a national campaign to crowdsource geographical information

    Manage UK boundary and population data

    Build rich interactive map services

    Utilise sophisticated geoSpatial APIs and reporting

    • Available as part of the Projects suite:
    • Sophisticated geometry editing tools
    • Rich and complex geoSpatial reporting
    • Open/commercial data integration
    • Vast range of Geocoders utilising Open and Ordnance Survey data
    • Alerting and search APIs
    • Opensource web client framework
    • Bespoke Openlayers map controls
    • GIS and OGC service integration
    • PostgreSQL/PostGIS development
    • Full end-to-end location audit of user activity
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Price: Bespoke Development, Quoted on Request

Your own tailored interactive map

The geoSpatial framework that Geovey Open and Open+ sit on provides an incredibly flexible, powerful and scalable platform on which to quickly develop new applications. We also have a wealth of expertise and experience in mapping, data, user interface construction and API design that allow us to create a vast range of interactive map services.

Here are a few examples to whet your appetite:-

We've used our framework and APIs to create a range of "out-of-the-box" services that you can take advantage of immediately. Each of these can be tailored to your needs or supplied as discrete components if you decide to retain some or all of the operation in house.

Alerting and Search APIs

Our alerting and search APIs allow you to augment your website with rich address searches or subscription based alerting capability for your customers. We've created a set of search APIs that support free text searching across a myriad of data sources, such as Opendata, postcodes and Ordnance Survey AddressBase data. Our alerting APIs manage the complete lifecycle of customer subscriptions to geoSpatial alerts such as new planning applications or enforcement notices.

Key features of our Alerting/Search services:-

  • Multi-point queries - query your sources first (such as LLPG) with fall-back to AddressBase or Open data.
  • Custom queries focused upon search priorities (eg. towns first then streets)
  • Linked and integrated to other data, pull crime stats or local information with search
  • Sophisticated alert email templates, fully managed service
  • GeoSpatial alerts linked to ANY geometry addition or change not constrianed to planning, eg. boundary changes, new builds, new transport links
  • Available as full offering (hosted website), partial integration (we supply HTML) or API only

Boundary and Population Analysis

Boundary change analysis can be incredibly hard and time-consuming, especially when you are involving stakeholders such as councillors or senior managers. As a result we've developed an easy to use scenario tool that allows stakeholders to assess and propose their own boundary change scenarios. Our service informs users of the impact of their change in real time highlighting issues with invalid geometries or areas where a voter/population count does not meet pre-set criteria.

Key features of our Boundary services:-

  • Sophisticated editing tools that preserve boundary topology yet are simple to use.
  • Real time property level view of impact of boundary changes
  • Allows many individuals to propose changes and provides view/export of their scenarios
  • Population forecasts provided by our partners Edge Analytics
  • Applies to any catchment area such as schools, polling district, job centre coverage or even sales territory

Projects of Note

Our customers appreciate our 'can do' approach to complex requirements often combined with challenging timescales. We are always able to find a way to get things done and are proud of the depth and range of services our platform supports.

  • Ordnance Survey Greenspace feedback tool. A GeoSpatial feedback tool allowing any local authority to feedback geometry/attribute changes/additions over the entire Greenspace product set.
  • Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. A set of api services integrated with LLPG and iDox to manage address searches and planning alert subscriptions.
  • Bromley Local Authority. A street cleansing inspection system utilising iPads and our mapping and workflow engine to manage and report upon the grading of street cleaning operations.