Geovey Open+

Crowdsourcing and consultation under your control

Geovey Open+ extends Geovey Open and allows you to create targeted survey campaigns within your own environment, branded to your identity or theme and managed by multiple users. Gain deeper control over the publication of your surveys with support for closed user groups and use enhanced editing controls to build detailed base maps using photography or integration with an external GIS.

  • Create a formal planning consultation

    Gather location data from your staff or the public

    Seek opinion from your customer base on detailed plans or concepts

    • The Open+ package includes:
    • Talking Points in own dedicated schema, separation from public product
    • Ability to add brand and copy to site including logo and banner colour scheme
    • Ability to add administrator users, more than one individual can moderate/view/download messages and comments
    • Ability to attach photographs to map notes
    • Users can attach photographs to map suggestions as well as comments
    • Ability to restrict site to only registered users
    • Ability to remove social logins and gain complete control of registrations
    • Enhanced map marker controls and GIS/WMS integration
    • Low cost, fully hosted service
    Upgrade / Buy

Price: Monthly plan: £79 | Annual Plan: £795

Available via G-Cloud 9

Why Upgrade?

Geovey Open+ gives you the power of our free offering melded with a significant set of upgrades that allow you to quickly and effectively gain data from your customers or community. Our service allows you to operate Geovey in your own data sandbox segmented from other customers and utilising your own brand and copy. A single click upgrade gives you access to the following key features:-

  • Your own consultation micro-portal, either public or private.
  • Multi-user management and moderation
  • Richer map elements with the ability to attach photographs anywhere upon the map
  • GIS Integration and custom background map layers adding richness to your map layers
  • Enhanced map markers and editing functions
  • Access to our Geovey API for full service integration

Upgrade Now

Upgrading is easy and can be done with a single click from an existing Geovey account. We will transfer your details to your own data schema and have you set up and running in no time at all.