Geovey Open

A quick, easy and incredibly practical approach to finding the information you want to know

Geovey Open is a free-to-use interactive map package that allows you to create Talking Points (micro surveys) enabling you to ask questions, create discussions and crowdsource information on specific to locations.

After registration, you can create Talking Points and instantly share these with your target audience via QR codes, shortlinks or social networks. Geovey Open is free to use and contains all the tools you need to carry out a survey and report your findings.

  • Discuss a planning application with neighbours

    Start a community discussion or initiative

    Crowdsource information concerning parking or rights of way

    • With Geovey Open you can:
    • Create 3 types of Talking Points: Ask a Question, Create a Discussion & Request Suggestions
    • Add illustrations, notes and images
    • Access social media tools, QR code generator and campaign tracker
    • Moderate content with image filtering and profanity filters built in
    • Turn completed surveys in to a 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' report
    • Submit completed Talking Points directly to your local authority
    • Access 'My Geovey' survey management system
    • View comprehensive usage statistics, download data and reports
    • Track and monitor usage, social media shares and user engagement activity
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